A late starter, video-shy!

Started late; busy packing for a big trip, putting the garden to sleep for the winter, educating our house-sitter about what freezes and when and how to avoid problems, stocking up on bird seed, collecting clothes for fall, tropical and winter weather…not sure why I signed up for this course right now.
Mmmm…oh yeah..now I remember. I’m insatiably curious and I noticed that this open online course featured David Wiley and it examines social entrepreneurship among many other things.
My name is Sylvia and I’m a Distributed Learning instructor at a small northern college. I’m currently on a 6 month leave/sabbatical from my job but I’m using the time to explore different models of online learning – free, open, self-directed and cohort-based (while travelling with my newly-retired husband!)
I’m also curious about the new types of socially-motivated, often collaborative businesses that use social media to build an audience, a brand, a market, whatever. I spent last Christmas in California and was fascinated by the collaborative startup organization (collective?) called The Hub.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to being inspired by all of you and learning to think more ‘entrepreneurially’ (sp?).
As to me, personally, I’m a reader and a kayaker; a cyclist and a hiker. I’m struggling to overcome my reluctance to put personal videos on Youtube. I’ve blogged for years and I’ve been tweeting for just over a year but I prefer to use video to share things I think are best communicated through video. Maybe I’ll change my mind as I progress through this course eh?


About Cloudsyl

Now a mid-Island observer of the Cloud
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