Mobile Learning Challenges!

I knew I was being ambitious starting up an online course (and a week late!) just as we were heading out of Whitehorse to travel down south. It’s been challenging learning on the move. Lots of places claim to have wifi but the majority provide bandwidth that isn’t suffient to stream a video or participate in any kind of Youtube broadcast. I’ve had the best success at Macdonalds or Starbucks. BC Ferries in northern BC didn’t have wifi and plugging in to power up our iPads was a challenge. Hilarious to watch the folks (including us) jockeying for access to the few outlets in the cafeteria that weren’t at the 6 foot height in the wall.  And a surprising plus on BC Ferries from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay – they have free wireless!!! Way2go!  Unfortunately they don’t allow Youtube access. Go figure! Makess it impossibnle for me to even try accessing the class hangouts.

Thanks  to Starbucks in Parksville (great wifi!) I’ve watched 2 or 3 intros and enjoyed them. Caught up on the first week’s Google Hangout and read a few blog posts.  So far I find the structure of this open online course to be less frantic (my perception) of the “anything goes” social media and new tools that I experienced in the MOOCs I’ve participated in before. Maybe it seems to be less ambitious than changeMOOC or maybe because it has a different focus? Or maybe I just feel more comfortable cuz the course uses tools I’ve been using in different ways for the last couple of years.

I still can’t really wrap my head around how people will effectively share and discuss their ideas for new web-based enterprises or learning sites or events without weakening their potential success? But maybe that’s cuz I come from an old-school approach to business. That’s one of the reasons that I’m taking this course – to get a closer look at new ways of doing business or learning.

Evaluating the suggested startup companies has been even more challenging cuz we’ve been on the move every day and the Internet access has been variable in terms of speed and consistency. I have discovered that Diigo’s iPad has a browser app that permits me to save a web page for offline reading so I’ve been able to at least gather a sense of the features  of the  9 startups but I haven’t been able to really get a sense of how viable they are in terms of education (or economic potential)

I can’t do a detailed analysis of these startups until I have a bit slower pacee to the the traveling so I’ll mostly be a ‘lurking learner’ in this course II think.


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