My disrupted Networked Life…

So I have to give up on my Cousera Networked Life Course.  I understand why they have dates on which you have to write the quizzes, but I am now 2 weeks behind cuz we’re on the move too much.  As I am going to be travelling for much of the rest of the course I’ll just monitor the rest

I wrote about six degrees of separation on my first Manila blog about 7 years ago but had never examined the research on which the idea was based. ..

The long tail and the concept of the role of ‘hubs’ that serve to connect people in social networks is something I have heard people speculate about and it seems to reflect my experiences on Facebok and Twitter.  I’ m looking forward to reading some of the more recent research that relates to this.


I like the Coursera model of delivery and will try out another class when I’m at home again.



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