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So what does “open” mean in terms of MOOCs?

I started out struggling to define (understand) the difference between the MOOCs I had participated in with George Siemens and Stephen Downes, with the different ones that David Wiley had offered and with the new model(s) promoted by Stanford and … Continue reading

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Do we have a choice anymore?

Is it possible to organize or facilitate a unique, creative, free-form, open course (like ds106) and have it live on within a educational institution? Should it even be there? Should the community support what is essentially an online learning community … Continue reading

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Simple and well-designed MOOC

I’ve been poking away at Google’s new online course (which is massive, online, free but I’m not sure it’s open – will have to do some more reading on the rights section). As per usual, it’s quite well done. I … Continue reading

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