Yes! I’ve done it again…

I keep hearing Grace Jones singing in my mind….”Yes, I’ve done it again, done it again, done it again…”  I couldn’t resist signing up for the most open course ever…”Connected Courses: Active Co-learning in Higher Education” sponsored by DML Hub and the opening salvos are from Jim Groom (Click), Alan Levine (Link) and Howard Rheingold (Embed)!

Check out the topics and line-up of leaders – some of the edupunks I’ve been following for years – always interesting, often inspiring.

9/2-9/14 Orientation/Registration/ Move In

9/15-9/28 Unit 1: Why We Need a Why

9/29-10/12 Unit 2: Trust and Network Fluency (Leveraging your “Why”)

10/13-10/26 Unit 3: The World Wide Web – From Concept to Platform to Cultures

10/27-11/9 Unit 4: Diversity, Equity, Access

11/10-11/23 Unit 5: About Co-learning

12/1-12/14 Unit 6: Putting it all into practice. Planning the connected course


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