Permission to fail, to fall, to make mistakes…

week three labelWhat a great start to Unit 3: The World Wide Web – From Concept to Platform to Culture — a rich listing of resources to explore to learn more about the Web and to help us try to answer the Unit questions for ourselves:

  1. What is this thing called the World Wide Web? What are the values and ambitions that gave rise to its design?
  2. If “the medium is the message,” what is the message of the web?
  3. What are some threshold concepts that help us to understand what is meant by “the web”?
  4. How is it reframing learning and education?
  5. What do we stand to lose or gain in pursuing the possibilities opened up by the web?.

And, I think, for the first time in this MOOC, I’m going to post one of the suggested Maker activities -they call them Nuggets. What a great way to experience what we ask our students to do in online learning – to explore concepts by applying them in some way that helps them make meaning. One of the central ideas that resonated for me in the Oct 13 Hangout “Web Imperatives” with the Four+ Web Makers (Laura Hilliger, Chris Mattia, Howard Rheingold, Gardner Campbell, and Kim Jaxon) was the discussion around Howard’s statement “If you’re not falling off it, you’re not really exploring the edge” It sparked several threads of related ideas:

  • how to help people see that technology is not a barrier and can be mastered by taking small steps
  • that , if people take on a leadership role in learning about the Web (or teaching others about the Web) we can ensure that the Web represents what WE want, not what government or industry wants
  • how to convince people that exploring the edge is worth it and that if you’re not falling (failing) you’re not trying hard enough
  • that failure needs to be accepted as part of learning
  • that we need to model how to respond to failure and support people as they begin to explore creating the Web they want

Here’s the link to my Prezi with some sketches and quotations and questions that represents my exploration – I still want to process some more before I explore some of the dissonance I felt when I really thought about the enthusiastic and positive statements of the group.

Exploring the Edgea picture of Prezi presentation


rootless but connected…

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