Storyboarding OOC: exploring collaborative, open course re-design

emperor's new clothesDid you ever hear the story about the emperor’s new clothes? Well, there is a certain sense of being naked when you start to share your course outline and publicly engage in revising, improving, tearing it apart.

Thanks to Gabi Witthaus, Brenda Padilla, and Jeff Stanford and the Storyboarding OOC (open online course – not massive 😉 they are currently coordinating and facilitating so well, I`ve been sharing my attempts to re-envision, refine, revise and repair an online facilitation skills course I`ve been co-facilitating with Sylvia Currie of SCoPE over the past year. We`ve had the luck to inherit (share) an OER resource originally developed by the talented instructors at Royal Roads University, based on the principles of the well-respected ISW (Instructional Skills Workshop) model.

We`ve tweaked it on the run and tried to stay true to the original learning outcomes and vision but I had been starting to feel like we needed to revisit them to ensure that our updates were still accomplishing what we intended or hoped.

Step 1 was selecting our storyboarding tool. Gabi shared thre main options (and provided additional cloud-based, free, suggestions – Prezi – presentations; Gliffy – diagrams, flowcharts; Freemind – mind-mapping; Scrumblr – Canadian, ‘no login required’ whiteboared)

lino sticky note service popplet_logo200_blue  GoogleSheets
Lino –      a free sticky note and canvas service Popplet – – a tool for iPad or web to capture your ideas Google Sheets – – create, edit, collaborate everywhere

If you haven’t explored these tools, they’re all useful in different ways. We initially chose Popplet because we loved the visual approach, but I’ve since reverted to GoogleSheets for detailed editing of our overly-long learning outcomes. I’ll switch back to Popplet to think about our design visually – always get new insights that way.

So, despite my best efforts I’m about a week behind. Luckily I saw Gabi’s post encouraging us to continue working at it, even if we’re behind. Just going to finish up Week 3’s assessment plan today. I really want to get caught up so I can get the benefit of a broader (and deeper) look at our learning activities.

Join us…there’s still time!


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1 Response to Storyboarding OOC: exploring collaborative, open course re-design

  1. Thanks for blogging about the OOC Sylvia! It’s great to hear about your course design process. No problem at all that you are a bit behind schedule – yes definitely keep at it!

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