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Storyboarding OOC: exploring collaborative, open course re-design

Did you ever hear the story about the emperor’s new clothes? Well, there is a certain sense of being naked when you start to share your course outline and publicly engage in revising, improving, tearing it apart. Thanks to Gabi … Continue reading

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Too bad I missed it…

As per usual, I’m just slightly out-of-sync to benefit from some of the amazing events and learning experiences available in the Lower Mainland. I was down on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland during much of late September and October, … Continue reading

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More about Open Education Week 2013…

Didja know it was Open Education Week? Were you a little confused like I was? I remembered quite a few “open” events last fall. BC hosted an open conference in October 2012 – Beyond Content. The Open Education Week web … Continue reading

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More About MOOCs

Is there no end to the conversation around MOOCS? MOOCS are for marketing.  The New York Times published a story by Tamar Lewin on Jan 23, 2013: Public Universities to Offer Free Online Classes for Credit. Wonder if this will … Continue reading

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Not really a MOOC?

I had to change the title of this post after I finished my exploration of the structure and delivery model of the OCW Scholar course I signed up for this fall – Introduction to Psychology by Professor John Gabrieli.  I … Continue reading

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Do we have a choice anymore?

Is it possible to organize or facilitate a unique, creative, free-form, open course (like ds106) and have it live on within a educational institution? Should it even be there? Should the community support what is essentially an online learning community … Continue reading

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