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Juggling MOOCs…

I’m learning to curb my inner magpie when it comes to all these juicy, flashy MOOCs and free learning opportunities that flow past my Twitter node or pop up in my RSS collection in Netvibes. I comfort myself by storing … Continue reading

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Intro to Openness in Education…on Canvas

Surprisingly, Professor David Wiley decided to offer his well-known collaborative/connectedness-type MOOC called “Introduction to Openness in Education” again this year, despite taking a sabbatical in 2013. He sees it as a public service and you have to respect someone who … Continue reading

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A forgotten MOOC delivery style

When I did a review of the MOOCs I had participated in over the last few years, I totally forgot one of the early providers — Wikieducator.  Like Prof. David Wiley’s first large (as opposed to Massive) open online course … Continue reading

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Not really a MOOC?

I had to change the title of this post after I finished my exploration of the structure and delivery model of the OCW Scholar course I signed up for this fall – Introduction to Psychology by Professor John Gabrieli.  I … Continue reading

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