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Planning for assessment

I’ve been stuck on how to improve our current assessment approach – we offer a five week open online course, based on the ISW (instructional skills workshop)   model. We focus on reflective practice, encouraging personal reflection on learning, and participants … Continue reading

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Storyboarding OOC: exploring collaborative, open course re-design

Did you ever hear the story about the emperor’s new clothes? Well, there is a certain sense of being naked when you start to share your course outline and publicly engage in revising, improving, tearing it apart. Thanks to Gabi … Continue reading

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Exposed learning vs learning in safe spaces…

Did you catch the Google Hangout with Michael Wesch, Cathy Davidson and Randy Bass on Monday? The End of Higher Education The topic was the purpose of higher education and the discussion ranged from shared stories to passionate declarations of … Continue reading

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Yes! I’ve done it again…

I keep hearing Grace Jones singing in my mind….”Yes, I’ve done it again, done it again, done it again…”  I couldn’t resist signing up for the most open course ever…”Connected Courses: Active Co-learning in Higher Education” sponsored by DML Hub … Continue reading

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Way, way beyond OCW model…

I remember how thrilled I was to hear MIT’s announcement in 2001 regarding their OpenCourseWare initiative and their commitment to make nearly all course materials freely available on the Internet. I loved the idea of sharing and openness and thought … Continue reading

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Learning more about OERs…

My quest this week has been to find as many “how-to” open educational resources (OERs) as I can that are focused on helping people learn how to find, use, create, repurpose and reshare OERs. I had planned to build my … Continue reading

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Open Online Environments: Focus on P2PU

It’s been a while since I’ve focused on what’s up in open education. My interest was re-awakened through some of the discussions online over the last year or so from ETUG and SCOPE and the BC Campus supported Open Textbook … Continue reading

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